Infusion-de-ajoLa artrosis es la enfermedad articular más frecuente en España. Suffer a 7 millions of people. Se trata de una afección degenerativa que va progresando con la edad y que consiste en un “desgaste” del cartílago articular que puede ser progresivo. Contrary to what many people think, OA is not exclusive to old age. Anyone can have.

Osteoarthritis can affect any joint, pero las más frecuentes son las de las manos, la rodillas, las caderas y la columna vertebral (cervical y lumbar). It is more common in women and in genetically predisposed individuals but although many of these factors can not be changed- prevent its occurrence and progression is possible.

During cold weather, osteoarthritis symptoms usually worsen and this causes a considerable increase in medical visits. La Sociedad Española de Reumatología (TO BE) ha elaborado un catálogo de recomendaciones para los que los pacientes puedan conocer mejor su enfermedad y mejorar su calidad de vida:

Maintaining a proper body weight.

Obesity is one of the causes of disease, and also it makes this progress more quickly. Special diets are not necessary, nor are completely forbidden foods in this disease. A low calorie diet is enough

Hot and cold.

In general, heat is more beneficial in osteoarthritis. It can be applied in a home, with heating pad or hot water placed on the painful joint. They relieve pain and relax muscles. Sometimes, osteoarthritic joint may have an intense inflammatory outbreak and, on those occasions, It is useful to apply local cold by ice or cold baths.


It has many types of medications that may be beneficial in this disease. there analgesics, antinflamatorios, gels and creams, Local infiltrations and drugs that can prevent the progression of osteoarthritis. However, It must be your doctor or rheumatologist to decide, at all times of evolution, which is right for you. Under no circumstances must medicate.

postural habits.

It is recommended to sleep in flat bed, avoid sitting in armchairs or sunken sofas, use straight-backed chairs, where your hips and knees to maintain a natural position and feet are touching the ground.


Exercise protects the joint and increases the strength of our muscles. Reduce the maximum mobility, It makes the osteoarthritic person to become dependent on others. Good walk, cycling and swimming practice.


It is not contradictory to the previous point. La artrosis es una enfermedad que cursa con periodos intermitentes de dolor, and during phases with higher relative rest pain it is beneficial. It is also good intersperse short periods of rest during activities of daily living.

Avoid overloading the joints.

Not take excessive weights, try not to walk on uneven ground and not stand too without resting.

Calzado adecuado.

Si tiene usted artrosis lumbar, hips or knees, You must employ a thick sole footwear to absorb the force of impact of the foot on the ground when walking. This can also be achieved with templates or heel silicone are placed in the shoe.


Spas apply mineral waters, usually hot, for the treatment of osteoarthritis. Thereby they succeeded in improving pain and relax the muscles contracturada. Called SPA centers (health through water) perform cosmetic and relaxation treatments using mineral water although it has features like spas. Both forms can be useful in osteoarthritis.

Stay positive.

osteoarthritis, Nonetheless, keeps a complete personal and family life, with very few limitations. In more advanced cases and worse outcomes, there are surgical treatments that can solve the problem. osteoarthritis per se It does not affect the life and progress in research and treatment are ongoing.

As a general rule, There is that control overweight and exercise, además de mantener un estilo de vida saludable.


La artrosis es la enfermedad articular más frecuente en España. Suffer a 7 millions of people. Se trata de una afección degenerativa que va progresando con la edad y que consiste