torreblancaPaco Torreblanca, one of the teachers involved in the pastry world Forum Mediterranean Gastronomy, held in Ibiza on Monday 15 April at the rural hotel Casa Maca. The gastronomic event also features the participation of ten Michelin stars: Arzak, Enjoy, Les Cols, Annua and La Finca de Elche.

Different speakers, they will work with raw materials of the island are:

Paco Torreblanca: He is considered one of the masters of world pastry. Ibiza will surprise you with new proposals for its sweet world and its vision of 'flaó', cheesecake of medieval origin that has survived to this day.

Elena Arzak (Michelin three-star, Saint Sebastian): His presentation on Ibiza will focus on marine larder of the island and the defense of the sustainability of the Mediterranean. Eivissa reaches the moment the restaurant is news because it runs just opened in the San Telmo Museum in San Sebastian retrospective exhibition that pays tribute to Juan Mari Arzak, pioneer of new Basque cuisine. In addition, Elena Arzak was chosen the best cook in the world (Best Chef Female) in 2012

Enjoy (two Michelin stars, Barcelona): In his presentation, the main attraction will be the prawn Eivissa, three dishes that will represent tradition, sustainability and it will also capture the emotion that evokes the island and the Mediterranean. Enjoy has become surprising news in the last year to move up to the number 18 List of the best restaurants in the world. A travel Ibiza Eduard Xatruch, one of its founders and former chef of El Bulli, along with the head chef Enjoy, Nil Dulcet.

Les Cols (two Michelin stars, Olot): Puigdevall fine cuisine represents the landscape and defense products proximity, in a restaurant located in the farmhouse where the chef was born and whose rehabilitation has won the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize “for his uncompromising commitment to the place where they work”. In his presentation in Eivissa, Fina Puigdevall and Martina Puigvert will explain how was the organic garden supplying the restaurant with the native varieties that have recovered who had disappeared years ago. One of them will create a dish, the 'buckwheat porridge', you can taste the Forum attendees.
In addition, Fina Puigdevall recalled that on a trip to Ibiza fascinated the flavor of the 'greixonera’ to the extent that it has offered the dessert at his restaurant in Olot. In the forum, He wanted to be accompanied by another veteran of the Ibizan cuisine, Lina Meadows, Es Pantry Can Prats, explain the recipe for the 'casserole', which you can also taste.

annual (two Michelin stars, San Vicente de la Barquera): Chef Oscar Calleja, that has revolutionized the world of canning with haute cuisine creations, Ibiza show in your line of work, driven sustainability. In addition, You will make a nod to the island presenting its version of a signature dish: The 'boiled fish'. To do this, He will be accompanied by another pioneer of island cuisine, Catherine Creek Ca n'Alfredo, who will explain the traditional recipe before the chef show their version of this dish from the perspective of Biscay.

Susi-diazLa Finca de Elche (Michelin star, Elche): Susi Diaz closed the first Forum of Mediterranean gastronomy with a speech in which he touched the audience counting how much it cost to get the jacket chef, as he got the star and how he came to become one of the media figures of Spanish cuisine. Now go back to Ibiza to cook a landscape that falls.

In addition to value tradition, sustainability and local products, The Forum will also celebrate the 20 anniversary of the declaration of World Heritage. To do this you will have Rafael Zafra, Heart executive chef of Ibiza and also Estimate (Barcelona). With a presentation entitled “Ibiza, Culture and biodiversity”, the chef will translate into a haute cuisine version of the importance of this recognition by Unesco to the island.

Casa Maca thus becomes a privileged setting for this Forum, since the historic center of Dalt Vila, the walled area declared World Heritage Site, It will be the natural setting of all papers. In addition, each of the World Heritage properties have their role in various dishes created by chefs. Inigo Rodriguez, Restaurant Pacha Ibiza, It will surprise you with a proposal that invites you to eat Dalt Vila, for what has had the collaboration of Silvia Sánchez, Arquiteca and creator of a unique dish, tribute to the acropolis.

On the other hand, Bruno Hernandez, Can Berri Vell, will present its recreation of flavors Phoenician settlement of Sa Caleta; while Matthieu Sauvariad, Es Terral, He has chosen as reference museum Puig des Molins and the goddess Tanit, while David Grussaute, SINGLE, will release their research and gastronomic tribute to the Posidonia.

An intensive program, where you can also taste very traditional dishes of the island as the 'cuinat’ or 'peasant undergone', with the evolved versions will publicize the chefs Gonzalo Aragüez, Sa Brisa (Ibiza and Madrid) José Miguel Bonet and, Es Range, in both cases they will be accompanied by veteran cooks Island, Antonia Torres and Antonia Cardona, they have passed the taste and cultural heritage of those dishes that will be featured on stage.
Next to the poster figures with national importance and the great representatives of traditional cuisine and the most innovative Eivissa, The Forum will also offer visions of chefs de Mallorca, Menorca and Formentera. Marta Rosello, Coco of salt (Mallorca), He winks to the island that hosts the Forum presenting his vision of an indigenous dish, which it is the 'borrida of cracked'. On the other hand, Teresa Montesinos, Passion Mediterranean (Menorca), will display the 'lobster stew Menorca 2.0.'. In the case of Formentera, lobster comes with fried eggs and spicy sausage and, In addition, One of Joan Yernes Salt Mill (Formentera), rescues a dish forgotten: The orelletas with sobrasada and honey Formentera.
Joan also Escandell, Restaurante 2.000 Benirràs, recovers forgotten another dish traditionally made in Sant Joan with dried fish. The gastronomic dialogue between speakers will be reflected Baleares sharing a journey through dishes that are protagonists salt, the traditional system of drying fish and elaborations that are a symbol of identity, as the crust and dried fish salad, which is updated with innovative version of Oscar Molina, The chef of Gaia.

An intense day, in which it will be shown that gastronomy is also culture, tradition and celebration. The IV Forum Mediterranean Gastronomy allow you to meet the producers of the island and enjoy free tastings for attendees to the Forum, thanks grilled with local produce offered by the chef of Casa Maca, Alvaro Ospina between 14,30 and the 16 hrs.. For the second year, tastings in biodegradable material that does not pollute the sea will be used, under the commitment of the Forum to the sustainability of the Mediterranean.

The Consell d'Eivissa and PIMEEF organize the IV Forum Mediterranean Gastronomy, an open public event, which has the support of Casa Maca and Mambo Group and companies Can Fred and Hipermenaje.




Paco Torreblanca, uno de los maestros de la pastelería mundial participa en el Foro de Gastronomía del Mediterráneo, held in Ibiza on Monday 15 de abril en el