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this-musicalsThe new schedule of concerts This musicals It presented with the news that they will have free admission. The Socio-Cultural Center Auditorium of Cas Serres be offering, during the second half of 2018, a schedule of theater, among which are included as part of the Balearic Government Circuit TALENTIB, in addition to the cycle organized by French film Les Matinees du Soleil and a tribute to the poet and novelist Blai Bonet.

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0_13218_1The Friday, 10 November, at 21:00 hrs., in the Cultural Center Auditorium of Cas Serres, Ibiza, the play is represented 'Eight Women’, in charge of improvisational theater company ‘Improibiza‘, y que en esta ocasión cuenta con actrices de otras compañías de la isla así como de las asociaciones de vecinos de los barrios Sant Pau i de Ses Figueretes.

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'Partridge', IF SERRES

partridgesThe theater play 'Partridge’ is represented on Saturday 6 from May to the 20.00 pm in the auditorium of the Cultural Center Cas Serres. A production group theater Formenterencs Espai_F.

It is a dramatic cake Vicent Ferrer text written by, directed by Miquel Costa, played by Miquel Costa and Valeria del Vecchio, con música de Alterphase.

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Life and Nothing But

la_vie_et_rienLife and nothing else (Life and Nothing But) is the title of the film is projected on Tuesday, 18 April in the auditorium of Cas Serres (Ibiza) at 20.00 hours in the cycle of French cinema organized by the Consell de Ibiza. A drama set in World War directed by Bertrand Tavernier, with Philippe Noiret and Sabine Azema protagonists.

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