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Adopt with your head is the name of the campaign launched by the Sant Josep de sa Talaia City Council, through the Department of Animal Welfare to promote responsible adoption and raise awareness about the abandonment of animals.

The bell Adopt with your head consists of three audiovisual reports, of different duration, that will be broadcast as spots encouraging the message that you want to transmit from its premiere, at the Can Jeroni Culture Center, at 20 hrs., just before the scheduled screening. From this premiere, in each cinema session one of the spots will be shown alternately, which will also be broadcast on other channels and on the City Council's networks.

For them, there have been witnesses of people who have taken care of an animal hosted in a municipal pet management service and share their experience with the public. En la campaña se quiere recordar que llevar un animal a casa no es ningún capricho, It has to be the result of a thoughtful decision of the whole family because it implies a commitment and sacrifices, according to those responsible for it.

Since Natura Parc took over this service in July 2019, they have managed 197 adoptions. Only one of the animals received has been in the facilities for more than two months, en este caso por la complicación añadida de tratarse de un perro de raza considerada potencialmente peligrosa (PPP).



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Adopta con cabeza es el nombre de la campaña que ha puesto en marcha el Ayuntamiento de Sant Josep de sa Talaia, a través de la concejalía de Bienestar Animal