GOING IN THE Trinchera

latrincherainfinita_Ibiza-ClickThe session of the cycle Anem cinema on Thursday, 24 January brings us to Ibiza one of the favorites for this year's Goya: Infinite trench. Based on true events, It tells the story of Higinio and Rosa, after marriage, Civil War broke out and his life becomes seriously threatened. With the help of his wife, decide to use a hole dug at home as a temporary hideout. Fear of retaliation, and the love they feel for each other, It condemns them to a closure that will last for more than 30 years.

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malasaña_ibiza-ClickA horror, based on fact, Malasaña, directed by Albert Pintó, He has reached the cinemas of the island. Manolo and Candela are installed in the Madrid district of Malasaña, with her three children and grandfather Fermin. Back they leave the village in search of prosperity that seems to offer the capital of a country that is in transition. But there is something that the family does not know Olmedo: in the house that bought, they are not alone…



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