The International Festival of Performance Art Territorio takes place for the first time in Ibiza from 21 to the 27 September. An event dedicated to the Art of Action, which will take place in natural spaces, urban, cultural centers and galleries throughout the island.

The programing, in which there will be online and face-to-face activities, artists participate, speakers and teachers from Spain, United Kingdom, Chile, Germany, Mexico and Israel. It is structured in four blocks: un workshop, an audiovisual projection, two talks and thirteen performances. The Balearic representation of performances incorporates four artists who were selected from among several candidates from the Islands, in addition to incorporating in one of the pieces of five students from the Eivissa School of Art.

The workshop titled “Body in action. Workshop on the performative” It will be taught by Juan Gómez Aleman and there are no places available. The training will take place from Tuesday to Friday at the Cultural Space of Can Ventosa and is planned as an intensive with the aim of bringing the participants closer to the work of a performance artist through practical exercises, aimed at artists, actresses / actors, students and all those people who are in a creative process and want to start in living art as an expression.

In the audiovisual section, on Tuesday 22 September, at 20:00 Can hour in Jerome (San Jose) the audiovisual will be screened “The utopia of the Butterfly” with the participation of its director Lukas Avedaño, live from Oaxaca (Mexico). Lukas Avedaño is perhaps the most important artist in the mux community, the third gender of the Zapotecs. The poetry, dance and anthropology are the tool he uses to enunciate and express himself.

Regarding conferences, the festival proposes two appointments. The first one given by Marta Mantecón, in audiovisual talk format, entitled “Del Kiss Kiss al Bang Bang. Pioneers of action art” and it's scheduled on Wednesday 23 from September to the 20:30 hrs., at the Can Jeroni Cultural Center in Sant Josep.

The speaker, Marta Mantecón está vinculada desde 1999 to art from research, curatorship, the dissemination and coordination of artistic projects. It presents the talk as a journey through the first feminist manifestations of action art, when a series of women began to question the dominant hegemonic model in the History of Art, looking for other means with which to express themselves.

The second talk will be in interactive format and will be given by César Martínez Silva in videoconference from Mexico City and is scheduled for Thursday 24 from September to the 20.30 Can hour in Jerome (San Jose). La conferencia lleva por título “Body, politics and subjectivity. Antagonistic performance and practices”, where César Martínez Silva presents his study from the point of view “not from a theorist but from the perspective of a soldier on the battlefield”, He will explain how the performative has been a tool in Mexican society to express protest in public spaces.

The art of action, popularmente conocido como performance tiene un papel destacado en el festival. The 13 programmed actions will be carried out in different natural spaces, urban, galerías y centros culturales de la isla. La conforman artistas muy diversos en cuanto a procedencia (Spain, Mexico, Chile, Germany, Israel or UK) in terms of artistic practice, as well as trajectory.

Action art is a discipline in which direct participation or interaction with the public is often incorporated, incorporation of the concept “Ephemeral art” and somehow challenge or disturb certain social structures. It is born in the body of the artist and the audience is also part of the work. The objective of the festival is to create a space between creators and the public where we can share our individual identities with respect for our differences..

The festival is intended to be annual and aims to be an international benchmark in action art and with a denomination of origin Ibiza.


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The International Festival of Performance Art Territorio takes place for the first time in Ibiza from 21 to the 27 September. An event dedicated to the Art of Action, el cual se