The program of Celebrations of Earth 2020 that this year, adapted to the sanitary and preventive measures that are required at the moment, have an important solidarity and support component to the local culture.

El programa de Festes de la Terra se inicia el 31 July, at 22:00 hrs. in the bastion of Santa Llúcia, with the inaugural speech of the Festes de la Terra by the Mayor of Eivissa, Rafa Ruiz, and later the inaugural concert of the Ibiza Music Band con un pianista de renombre como es Andreu Riera quien ha resultado ganador de importantes premios como el Infanta Cristina (Madrid), the Jacinto Guerrero International (Madrid), the International Frederic Mompou (Barcelona) or the Bärenreiter Prize of the International Mozart (Salzburg).

The day 1 August, at 20:00 hours the first of the videos of Eivissa dances Salsa with a masterclass with international dancers and dance teachers Lucía Medina will be broadcast through the social networks of the City Council, SilviNa Guerrero, Luis Muñiz, Alejandro Valenzuela, Julen Bautista, Daniel Naccarato and Yamina Melendo, with DJ Leo Spina. The second video will be broadcast on the day 3 August.

Sunday 2 August, at 19:00 hours in the walk of s’Alamera will take place the Meeting of craftsmen and trades of Eivissa.

On Wednesday 5 August, at 19:00 Mass hours of Santa Maria with the Ciutat d'Evissa Choir, at 19 hours in the Cathedral of Eivissa.
Later, at 21:00 hours in the Santa Llúcia, will take place the official act of delivery of the Gold Medals of the City of Eivissa.

One of the most emotional moments of this year's Festes de la Terra program will be the delivery of the Eivissa Town Gold Medal in the Health Area of ​​Eivissa and Formentera. A recognition, that from all political forces is given to the work they have done to combat COVID-19.

After the award ceremony of the Gold Medal of the city of Eivissa, the concert of Ivan Domènech will begin, presenting his new album «15 years in duos», accompanied by the band with Joan Barbé, Jano Blanco, Fernando Hormigo and Rolfi Calahorrano and, with the collaboration of the artists Chris Martos, Joaquín Garlin and David Serra. The proceeds from the sale of records will go to the investigation of the cure for the Hunter.

On Thursday 6 August, at 22:00 hours in the Baluarte de Santa Llúcia, the artist Miguel Barranco will offer his show ‘Renacer flamenco’, a flamenco music and dance show directed by Miguel Barranco that will be accompanied by local artists such as Ana Cabello, Tania Martinez, Miranda herrera, Celia Guardiola, Cristian Martinez, Leilah Brouk, Giselle Miramon, Nieves Portas, Ismael Rodriguez, I wanted Paredes, Ramsés Puente and Juanjo Fernández.

The Friday 7 August, at 21:00 hours in the bastion of Santa Llúcia will be the moment of the proclamation of the Association Vuit d’Agost and later the play will take place “Sa Vidriola”, in charge of the Theater Group is Cubells.

Saturday 8 August tendrá lugar el homenaje a Guillem de Montgrí y el discurso institucional en el mirador de la plaza de España.

All events in the bastion of Santa Llúcia have limited capacity. They can also be followed by streaming through the social networks of the Eivissa City Council. Tickets are free and can be obtained on the Eivissa.es website from Tuesday 28 July.

On the other hand, in the events and concerts that will take place in the Festes de la Terra program, essential products will be collected for the Food Bank of Cáritas and the Red Cross. In reference to which are the priority products that entities need for the distribution of basic necessities are:

Foods: milk, tuna, canned fruit and vegetables; pasta, rice, canned legumes, tomato sauce, fuet.

Personal hygiene: shower gel; toothpaste; shampoo; toothbrush, male and female razors.







Se ha presentado el programa de Festes de la Terra 2020 that this year, adapted to the sanitary and preventive measures that are required at the moment, tienen un