A summer in Ibiza and other stories, presented in District Hyperbole (Ibiza)

volume number 4 from the ObScena collection of erotic literature, what is going on Ibiza Editions, stands for "A summer in Ibiza and other stories», by JL Parajuá. On Wednesday, 30 November is presented in Districte hyperbole, in Ibiza.

The event will start at 19:30 hours and will be presented by the editor, Ramon Mayol. «A summer in Ibiza and other stories» has a prologue by the journalist Carmen Pi and in her 124 pages have room for four stories: "A summer in Ibiza"; "Two sisters"; "A Midsummer Night's Sleep Lack" and "The Messiah".

This book is the author's first foray into fiction., who has already published technical papers related to his profession as a neurologist and who has lived in Ibiza since 1987. In "A summer in Ibiza and other stories" we find mature texts, with mature characters, with mature stories reaching orgasm succumbing to lust to forget consciousness, to bury the fear. To banish oblivion and sadness. to drive away loneliness. Los rincones de Ibiza sirven como escenario de pasiones obtusas, not always well seen. But, Are we capable of accepting pleasure when it appears unexpectedly??, to receive it without reproach?

Is it possible to continue living sexuality once one has ceased to be young?? The most common response is the one that states that age ends up being an insurmountable barrier when it comes to having sex.. However, the new publication of the series ObScena, dedicated to erotic literature, He positions himself totally against this approach, portraying mature characters who continue with their sexual life..

The neurologist J.L.. Parajuá has taken advantage of his extensive knowledge of anatomy to write this set of stories that defend an eroticism that is further removed from genitality.. this trait, present in the most intense scenes, It is the one that the protagonists of the different stories use so that the passing of the years does not take away the possibility of continuing to enjoy their relationships.. Far from being a limitation for privacy, Throughout the book these alternative ways of living sex are shown through a more introspective prism and more focused on giving pleasure than receiving it..

This altruistic way of enjoying sexuality is reflected through a spontaneous style that manages to reinforce the naturalness with which the characters in the stories experience them.. In addition, the writer gives a final twist to the reader's immersion in the narratives using a first person that works perfectly giving greater credibility to his titles.

All the previous ideas crystallize in the last story, that gives more space to reflection on sex than to its representation, thus opening the door to spirituality. In this way, Parajuá offers an interesting consideration, in which a well-understood experimentation of sexuality would be the best way to really connect with another person.


A summer in Ibiza and other stories

4 ObScene Collection

Ibiza Editions

Wednesday, 30 November of 2022

19:30 hrs.

Districte hyperbole

C/ Metge Riera Ferrer, 6



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volume number 4 from the ObScena collection of erotic literature, que tiene en marcha Ibiza Editions, corresponde a «Un verano en Ibiza y otros relatos», by JL Parajuá. The…