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Ikebana flower arrangement by Rie Yamagata

Framed in the 12Ibiza Japanese Cultural Week a sample of Ikebana Flower Arrangement takes place by Rie Yamagata. Known as "the Japanese art of flower arrangement", Ikebana is a traditional Japanese practice very popular in decoration, since it goes beyond aesthetics and is considered as a form of meditation.

Plus the Japanese expert on Ikebana, Rie Yamagata, the artist Little Grace has donated the Ibizan ceramic containers made for the occasion.

El Ikebana surgió tras la llegada del budismo a Japón en el siglo X, and was used as a wreath at the altar of Buddha, although it had no particular order or aesthetic. Later, Buddhist priests determined that such offerings deserved further elaboration, por lo comenzaron a diseñar arreglos florales complejos, que simbolizaban el universo, heaven, the sea and the land.


Over the years, el Ikebana evolucionó, con variaciones y reglas estrictas, each time increasing its level of complexity and meaning. Absolute silence is essential, since this allows meditation. As well, the person needs to relax and move away from any distractions, ya que este proceso debe hacerse con lentitud y precisión para conectar con la naturaleza.

In the Ikebana there are two types of flower arrangements: The arrangements snow de estilo vertical en jarrón y los arreglos moribana de estilo horizontal en vasija. Besides the flowers, the use of plant stems is especially important, dry branches and even small logs and stones.

Ikebana Flower Arrangement

by Rie Yamagata

Tur Costa Studio

c / Canary 65


Thursday, 14 in October of 2021

18:00 hrs.

Free Entrance

Limited capacity

Reservation of places in: en wabiza.wordpress.com



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Enmarcado en la 12ª Semana cultural japonesa de Ibiza tiene lugar una muestra de Arreglo Floral Ikebana a cargo de Rie Yamagata. Known as "the Japanese art of flower arrangement", el Ikebana es