The athlete Desirée Planells, kickboxing fighter, has been voted Best Athlete 2020 at the Sports Awards of the Consell d'Eivissa, at the gala held at the Centro Sociocultural de Cas Serres.

List of all the people and entities awarded at the gala:


The jury has valued the record of this young island athlete, that has been selected by the High Performance Center of Salamanca, and what have you achieved 10 Gold Medals in Spanish Championships, Bronze Medal in the WAKO Light Contact Junior European Championship with the Spanish national team, fifth place in the WAKO Point Fight Junior European Championship and two ninth place in the World Cup of the World Association of Kickboxing Organizations.

The work of Unión Deportiva Ibiza has also been distinguished as the best sponsoring entity of 2020. The jury has valued the invaluable help of this entity that with its economic contribution to Ibizan clubs with top-class teams, like the Eivissa Volleyball Club, the Ibiza Handball Club, the Gasifred Atlético and the Ibiza Rugby Club, “our island can continue to enjoy top-level sports” especially in a year, in 2020 “that it was a complicated year at all levels, among them the sports car”.

At the gala, soccer coach Rafael Campillo Torres was also recognized as the best natural person 2020. Campillo, member of the Balearic Football Federation for more than 15 years, he has dedicated his whole life to football, who started at CD Atletico Jesús as a coach almost 30 years. Promoted and consolidated women's football in Eivissa, achieving such important successes as two championships of the autonomous league of women's futsal and the subsequent phases of promotion to the national top category and the promotion to the national first division of the football team 11. Level III National Trainer, has trained players who have reached the highest national category.

The award for the Best Federal Delegation 2019 has been for the Badminton Delegation, what in 2019 did a great job promoting and promoting sport, as well as training of athletes, promoting their sport by 11 schools in four municipalities on the island reaching more than 2.500 students, also organizing five school days. features 8 initiation schools and adult school and a technification center with athletes from 6 to 18 years. In 2020 got 16 medals in the different championships in Spain: 4 golds, 6 silver and 6 bronzes.

The Best Sports Team of 2020 is the Ibiza Handball Club, that last year he finished the competition as leader of his men's first national group and achieved promotion to the Silver Honor Division. It is a club that is a benchmark in the world of handball that has already had in its ranks a team that has competed in the highest national category.

The award for the best sports club has gone to UD Ibiza, what in 2020 had a successful year getting their grassroots teams, from pre-youngest to cadet, magnificent positions in the insular and Balearic championships. The trajectory of the club that, in just 6 Years he has gone from being a member of the military in a regional preferred to being part of Spanish professional football with his promotion to the 2nd national division. A feat of management example.

Two special mentions have also been awarded: to the Eivissa Civil Protection groups of the five city councils of the island, for the help and services they provide to all sporting events where they are required, doing a great job in support of the different events, celebrations and sporting events that take place throughout the year on our island, and Antoni Roig Serra for his career in the world of sports for more than 30 years. His relationship with sports began when he was very young, practicing basketball first, soccer and later athletics, discipline in which 50 years later he still continues as a technician. He has also been a cyclist, participating in Balearic and National level races, y jugador de voleibol. Monitor nacional polideportivo, handball monitor, swimming, of basketball, and also athletics. In this discipline he has been coach, Technical Director of the Balearic Federation, and member of the technical team of the Royal Spanish Federation, with whom he has been international with the Spanish team on several occasions. as promoter, has organized during 27 years the Eivissa Semi-marathon and the Mini marathon, the Spanish Absolute Cross Championship, athletics technical days, coaches congresses, in addition to several handball cups and basketball clinics. In 1975 With 4 friends, Germán Olarriaga, Juan Jose Marí, Juan Torres and Armando Tur founded the Pitiús Athletics Club. Nearly half a century of success. Its athletes have achieved countless medals in the Balearic area, and numerous participations and medals in Spanish championships, memories of Spain and participations with the national team, and of course, a special mention must be made, to our olympians, Mar Sánchez and Felipe Vivancos.

In addition, The prizes have been given to the candidates of each federation for the category of Best Athlete of 2019 what have they been for:

Joaquin Losada Perez (Motoring)

Paula Navarro Keychain (Badminton)

Jonah Souto Comino (Billiards)

Alfonso Villarino Carretero (Colombiculture)

Alejandro Martínez Colomar (Chess)

Raúl Casañ Martí (Soccer)

A hard tackle from Leire García to Martagón (Rhythmic gymnastics)

Jordi Maria Barbera (Handball)

Sara Mari Ribas (Horse riding)

Aida Tur Torres (Judo)

Lucas Pareja Avalos (Karate)

Desiree Planells Torres (Kick-boxing)

Bruno Prats Burgois (Struggle)

Toni Vingut Riggal (Motorcycling)

Juan Carlos Palau Martin (Powerboats)

Juan Jose Martinez Salas (Petanque)

Rubén González Arellano (Canoeing)

Adrià Pol Torres (Tennis)

Maria Tur Guasch (Shot with slingshot)

Nur Gómez Bufí (Archery)

Javier González Cardona (Olympic shooting)

Carlos Roselló Garcia (Sail)


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The athlete Desirée Planells, kickboxing fighter, has been voted Best Athlete 2020 at the Sports Awards of the Consell d'Eivissa, en la gala celebrada en el Centro Sociocultural de