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Cineforum A cruel and ruthless

bonnieandclyde_Ibiza-ClickThriller robberies and holdups, Bonnie and Clyde, masterfully directed by Arthur Penn, It is projected in the cycle Cinefórum on Tuesday, 25 February, at 18:45 hrs.. Se trata de una Road Movie que algunos califican de Película de Culto ganadora de dos Oscars que mezcla comedia y asesinatos. Un Cinefórum cruel y despiadado… que no puedes perderte.

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comancheria_Ibiza-ClickOn Tuesday, 11 February to the 18:45 hours takes place a new session of the Cinefórum cycle with the film projection Comanchería, directed by David Mackenzie. It is an action drama directed by Jeff Bridges, Chris Pine, and Ben Foster, with: Gil Birmingham, Martin Palmer, Danny Winn, Amber Mid Dogs, Alma Sisneros, Debrianna Mansisni, Crystal Gonzales, Terry Dale Parks, John-Paul Howard.

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