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EXHIBITION: Dalt Vila 1972-1973

expose top-villa-ibiza-clickSaturday, 3 August, at 20:00 hrs., It opens at the Refectory Hall of the City of Ibiza exposure Dalt Vila 1972-1973, which includes a series of photographs he took Guillermo Monforte all facades of Dalt Vila, Marine and Sa Penya with a Hasselblad machine. This exhibition has been organized by the Archive of Image and Sound of Ibiza (AISME) and is part of the activities commemorating the 20 years of Eivissa, World Heritage site.

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2018bloopOne more year, on BLOOP Festival arrives on the island. In this edition, the eighth and the second taking place in the city of Ibiza, the theme is Hope. Of the 23 of August up to the 8 September the city hosts: facilities, urban art, architecture, interactive installations, photographs, Parties, video art and more with artists from around the world.

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genesisPhotographs of Genesis project, Sebastião Salgado are shown in large format in the port of Ibiza to the 18 June. Genesis is an incredible mosaic where nature is expressed in all its grandeur and you can visit while strolling and black and white images of lions are contemplated, leopard and African elephants; animal and volcanoes in the Galapagos; the tribe of the Zo'é, isolated in the depths of the Amazon rainforest; penguins, sea ​​lions, cormorants and whales of the Antarctic and South Atlantic; the caiman alligators and jaguars in Brazil ...

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