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Cineforum A cruel and ruthless

bonnieandclyde_Ibiza-ClickThriller robberies and holdups, Bonnie and Clyde, masterfully directed by Arthur Penn, It is projected in the cycle Cinefórum on Tuesday, 25 February, at 18:45 hrs.. Se trata de una Road Movie que algunos califican de Película de Culto ganadora de dos Oscars que mezcla comedia y asesinatos. Un Cinefórum cruel y despiadado… que no puedes perderte.

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comancheria_Ibiza-ClickOn Tuesday, 11 February to the 18:45 hours takes place a new session of the Cinefórum cycle with the film projection Comanchería, directed by David Mackenzie. It is an action drama directed by Jeff Bridges, Chris Pine, and Ben Foster, with: Gil Birmingham, Martin Palmer, Danny Winn, Amber Mid Dogs, Alma Sisneros, Debrianna Mansisni, Crystal Gonzales, Terry Dale Parks, John-Paul Howard.

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store1The series of concerts Festival Nights Tanit begin this 2019 Sunday 30 June with the group's performance chapter Three, which brings together the three most outstanding musicians of the island of Madagascar: guitarist D'Gary, singer and percussionist Monika Njava and guitarist and percussionist Joël Rabesolo. The concert will be held at 22:00 hours at Headquarters UIB (University of the Balearic Islands in Ibiza), in front of the building of the former commandant.

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Nightcrawler THE Cineforum

nightcrawlerA psychological thriller, Nigchtcrawler, in the new appointment Wednesday, within the Cineforum cyclo Ibiza Friendly coordinating palaces and José Francisco Ruíz. The event takes place in the building of the former headquarters of Ibiza. Dan Gilroy in his debut portrays a satire against the lack of ethics in the world of broadcast journalism.

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