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Gerret Ibiza-Click

The fishing campaign of the gerret in Ibiza. This year a new boat has been added to the island of the fleet that captures this specimen and goes from four to five, which translates into an increase in catches.

The season 2020-2021 started last November and provides positive records in December, when they have far exceeded the little more than 500 kg caught during the season 2019-2020, counting more than 2000 kilograms, thus passing some captures of just under 40 kg daily per boat in season 2019-2020 To over 100 kg per departure and boat in the current.

The technicians of the Department of Rural and Marine Affairs of the Consell d'Eivissa point out that one of the possible causes of this increase in the number of catches of gerret in Ibiza is that the warm temperatures of the 2019 influenced the delay in the ascent to surface waters of the gerret, and therefore in lower captures, indicating their sensitivity to the weather. And is that the gerret (upgrade smaris) it is a marine species that likes to always be at the same room temperature, and this is achieved by modulating the depth, diving into deeper waters in summer and ascending to shallower waters in fall, moment when your fishing season begins. This is when you can catch it with traditional fishing gear. “d’artet” by small boats that at dawn cast their nets on the sandy bottoms to capture the refugee specimens at night in the Posidonia meadows.

To this is added that during this month of January a new boat has been added to the fleet that captures the gerret in Ibiza, so that there will be five boats that will be dedicated to fishing this season, circumstance that had not happened since the year 2018, year in which the vessel Joven Antonio was permanently decommissioned, which reverses a negative trend in the number of fishermen, that go down year after year due to the lack of relief.

Traditional fishing “d’artet” It is a type of fishing that is continuously supervised to ensure its sustainability and involves daily biological monitoring. The Co-management committee meets monthly within which representatives of the fishing sector meet, NGOs, scientists and administration. The data provided in the last meeting held last day 14 January, referring to the jug, show that it is being a good start to the season with abundant catches and with indicators of the state of the fishery with adequate sustainability values.

The monitoring of this fishery involves collaboration between the fishing sector of the island of Ibiza, that every day reports its captures, and the administration, in this case Consell d'Eivissa with the support of the LEADER Group, which collect the information and record the sizes of the specimens, among other indicators, to confirm, according to the established management plan, que los valores de capturas son los adecuados para la sostenibilidad de la pesquería. La temporada de pesca con artes de tiro (gerretera) April ends when this species migrates to deeper waters and is caught by the trawling fleet.


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Comienza la campaña de pesca del gerret en Ibiza. Este año se ha sumado una nueva embarcación en nla isla de la flota que captura este ejemplar y pasa de