There are different types of hands and their shapes, in palmistry, help us to interpret reality through the observation of symbols. Not only our personal memory is stored in our hands, but the social, collective and genetics. To easily analyze its shape, you have to trace its outline on paper and then analyze the drawing.

Like this, we find the following types of hands:

1 La mano de Aire characterized by long fingers and a square palm crossed by many fine lines. People with air hands are usually expansive, emotionally stable and intellectually curious. They can dedicate themselves to professions that involve communication, like literature or journalism, to education or public relations.


2 The hand of Earth characterized by square palm and short fingers, reflects a serious and practical personality that enjoys physical activity. These people often choose manual occupations, such as carpentry or gardening and mechanical work.


3 The hand of Water with his long fingers, extending from the rectangular palm of fine lines, reveals a sensitive personality, creativa y tranquila. Ellos se sienten atraídos por ocupaciones que requieren planificación y en las que no se sientan excesivamente presionados, like research, office work or sales.


4 The hand of Fire it is distinguished by its short fingers and a rectangular palm full of very marked lines and denotes a very energetic and impulsive personality. The owners of fire hands are attracted to occupations that involve risks, challenges and creativity, like medicine, law or the arts.


So far we find the main forms, but there are other types of hands:

5 The mixed hand, that has the quality of sharing different features of the previous ones, that is, they can have a hand of fire, with water hand fingers, etc. The advantage of this type of person is that they adapt to any type of new situation, they are versatile. They have very varied conversations so they will always quickly capture the interest of the recipient. They are individuals who couple or absorb the characteristics and personality of others, making them authentic sponges. The problem with this is that if they misread or interpret a situation it can lead them to make catastrophic decisions in the future.

6 The Elemental hand it is usually the most ordinary hand, lacking subtlety and delicacy in their movements. It's thick, hard with stiff, short fingers, like your nails. Also the thumb is short and straight. People who have this hand shape are usually rude, conformists, with little ambition to achieve big goals. They are mainly engaged in physical or heavy work. Other readings indicate that they are balanced people, practical and quiet according to the rest of the elements that make up the hand.

7 the knotty or philosophical hand they have normal-sized fingers although they pull small, the thumb is strong and the fingers are quite bulky when they meet at the phalanges. Depending on the type of knots they have, it will indicate if it is to take the path of the psychic or the material. Estos suelen significar meticulosidad y organización. Las personas que poseen estas manos son bastante sinceras, nobles, fair and with strong moral and ethical values. They also like to delve into all the issues around them and into the depths of who is by their side.. They tend to career choices that have to do with science or philosophy.

This would be a brief summary of the different types of hands. I hope you find it useful.


By Medea O. Nodine

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There are different types of hands and their shapes, in palmistry, help us to interpret reality through the observation of symbols. En nuestras manos se almacena no sólo