Portmany and Vicent Calbet, back in Vía2

The Vía2 Gallery celebrates its first anniversary and it does it in style.

The Ibizan artists Antoni María Ribas ‘Portmany’ and Vicent Calbet, both now sadly departed, share a space with the Burgos born María José Castaño.

The first two have already visited the city’s exhibition room, precisely for the opening; the latter is here for the first time with works belonging to her series ‘New York”.


“The idea of including Castaño in this exposition meets a criterion of being in tune with the spontaneous and descriptive strokes of Portmany’s work, which on this occasion will be for sale” Carles Fabregat and Antonio Torres Font, responsible for the gallery, explain.  The three artists share an interest in formal sobriety, in their way of expressing the maximum with a minimum of composing elements” they add.


When asked how their first year has gone, their reply is positive and optimistic.  “The first stage (meaning this first year now gone) has amply made up for all the effort we invested in this project, especially in terms of public acceptance, which has welcomed each and every one of our proposals formidably”, they assure us.  They equally have words of gratitude for the business sector, which collaborated in the edition of catalogues.

Pormany, Vicent Calbet and María José Castaño, as the exhibition is titled, inaugurated last Tuesday, can be visited until 31st July in the gallery situated on the Vía Púnica.

  CARLOS SANSEGUNDO: Paintings and Collages
0 VACIO Colour, colour and more colour… getting in between the smiling crazy shapes of the brushstrokes and paper cut-outs that remind us of ‘fiesta’ and strawberry fruit gums.
Until 13th July.

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