Even though it’s not a very extended hobby, more and more people want a little bit of the ocean in a corner of their homes.  In the last few years, the marine aquarium has become a pastime within the reach of everybody.

Having a salt water aquarium at home isn’t as complicated as it may seem at first sight, but just like with any pet, there is a need for constant special care and, let’s be honest, there is a high financial outlay at the start to buy the necessary kit.  Compared to a soft water aquarium there is more maintenance work needed as the condition of the water has to be permanently monitored.
Once we’ve decided to get an aquarium of these characteristics at home we must decide what type we want.  There are two types: one which is only for fish, and the other which can also include invertebrates, known as a reef aquarium.  The latter is more spectacular as much for the colours and shapes of the corral as for the interesting interaction between fish and invertebrates.
To start off, the best idea is to look for those animals which are most resistant and which require the least care.  But most important before taking up this hobby is to be fully informed about the needs of each species of fish or corral and whether or not they are compatible.
So if you’re interested, you can get expert advice in Aquarium Ibiza (C/ José Riquer Llobet, 8), the only shop on the island that sells all you could need to set up a marine aquarium, from the equipment to the fish.


By Lara Demsar.
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