Can Casals, in the Cas Serres neighborhood

The Eivissa City Council and Grup d'Estudis de la Naturalesa sign a collaboration agreement for the transfer of the use of the Can Casals country house for a period of two years, extendable to two more years.

The country house of Can Casals, municipally owned, is located on the street Músico Fermí Marí, in the Cas Serres neighborhood, and it is an example of rural architecture, of the few that are still preserved in the municipality, and consists of 112 m2 and agricultural land of 880 m². With this assignment, the GEN-GOB undertakes to carry out an annual program of activities and the management of the assigned space..

The values ​​of the Can Casals country house, included in the Municipal Catalog of Historical Heritage, make it suitable for carrying out activities aimed at the knowledge and promotion of nature and the traditional world of Eivissa, through workshops, conferences and courses that contribute to social awareness about the environment and recovery and protection of their own local traditions.

The GEN-GOB, non-profit entity and declared of public utility, will launch these actions and dissemination activities, communication and training aimed at conserving nature and heritage and promoting knowledge, the appreciation and defense of the environment and landscape.

On the other hand, with this agreement, The Eivissa City Council makes a new municipal infrastructure available to the neighborhood of the Cas Serres neighborhood, thus promoting participation in cultural and environmental activities aimed at an increasingly large population.

The country house of Can Casals, It has been recently recovered after a reform and rehabilitation that has been co-financed by the European Union through the ERDF Funds and that has had an execution budget of 273.579 ’67 euros.

The agreement provides for a program to generate cultural and environmental activity in the neighborhood, both for residents and for other citizens of the municipality, facilitating activities that transfer knowledge and experiences to the population that allow reaching the most rational and sustainable uses as well as promoting heritage and landscape values.


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El Ayuntamiento de Eivissa y Grup d’Estudis de la Naturalesa firman un convenio de colaboración para la cesión del uso de la casa payesa de can Casals durante un periodo